Tips For Caring For Your Model Ship

In previous articles, we have given some insight into the purchasing of ship models, and the different options for displaying them. Having completed those two steps, your next task is to protect them in the best way you can. Taking regular care of these replicas is a must. They will certainly collect dust, smoke, dander, and other harmful airborne effects. In order to keep your model ship looking brand new, you ought to know how to clean it effectively without damaging it. In addition to cleaning the ship model, choosing where to display the model in your office or house is also important. The model ship should not be displayed near a heat source or in direct sunlight as it is detrimental to its continuing its great appearance. If you have to augment the lighting, utilize low voltage (low temperature) LED’s.

The accumulation of most oils, dirt and dust can be avoided by displaying your model ship in some type of enclosure. A solid case will additionally keep the pet from playing with the model ship. Cases can be made with a Plexiglas and wood frame or glass inserts; a glass or Plexiglas case is similar to an inverted aquarium. There are benefits as well as drawbacks of both, so your selection of the best case depends on your inclinations. An excellent way to display and protect a model ship is under glass; you can likewise make use of acrylic covers with beveled edges. Glass is much more durable as well as less susceptible to scratches, heat and sunlight. Glass, however, is more subject to breakage than Plexiglas or acrylics.

Another thing to remember is that the wood from the display cases can cause acid migration, which could corrode paper and fabrics. It’s ideal to places a small sheet of Mylar below your display and to enable air flow so as to minimize the build-up of acid fumes.

Sometimes a model ship under a case is prone to smoke, dust, etc. so you will have to remove dirt from the model ship periodically. Either make use of compressed air in a can which is mostly utilized for electronics cleaning, or use a woman’s hair dryer, set it on cool and blow away. And in the event that the dust or dirt sticks to the lines and wood, you will need to act with a small brush and cloth. After eliminating the dust, use a small sponge and a coat of diluted oil to preserve the wood.

Diluted isopropyl alcohol can also be used to eliminate nicotine and oily spots. It is important to clean up the model ship in a thorough and methodical way. Visually divide the model ship into 6 parts, port and starboard side, port and starboard side bow, mid ship and port, and starboard side stern. Start from the top and clean way down through the lines, spars, and sails to the deck. And do not forget to protect and clean the base of the model ship. One of the most vital steps of preserving your model ships is by maintaining it encased in the display case. You can find many different sized display cases depending your own prized possessions.

By taking after these simple tips, you should be able to take good care of your model ships to ensure that they last for generations. You’ve spent too much time, money and effort on your model ships just to see them deteriorate with carelessness and time. Make sure you properly maintain all the model ships in your collection so that you will not regret it later on!