What Are Good Remedies For Dog Mange?

By Marilyn R

Is your dog scratching a lot? Have you notices bald patches, inflamed sore areas and cracked, oozing sores on your dog? The chances are he may have a condition known as mange and he needs treatment fast. Left untreated mange can become very serious but if it is diagnosed early enough it is fairly easy to treat.

Mange is an unsightly and uncomfortable skin condition that is caused by mites living on and burrowing into the dog’s skin. All dogs have a certain amount of the parasite on them anyway but a severe infestation can cause a lot of damage, particularly if your dog’s immune system is not up to scratch.

Amongst hair loss and nasty sore patches, other symptoms of the disease include dry flaky skin, thinning of the hair, particularly around the eyes and mouth, loss of appetite and dehydration. However, before it gets to this stage Mange can be treated fairly easily.


Whilst you should bathe your dog regularly, this alone will not rid your dog of mange. It will disappear for a short while but will return until the source of the disease has been eradicated completely. This means that, not only will you have to treat the dog but your whole house and the dog’s bedding as well.

So, to start treatment you need to find a good natural oil based shampoo. The oil is essential as this will serve to smother the mites and kill them off and will also eventually destroy any eggs that have been laid in or under the skin. Try to find a shampoo that contains oils such as spearmint, tea tree and aloe Vera and that also contains an ingredient called Zinc PCA.

Avoid any that contain Anise oil as this will likely cause more harm than good. Zinc PCA is essential, not only to help kill off any parasites on the dogs skin but also to help build up the dog’s skin again. It will also assist the sebum glands to produce the correct amount of natural oils.

As well as bathing your dog regularly you should also use a topical spray on the affected areas. This spray should contain the same ingredients as the shampoo and should be used daily. This should also act as a conditioner and help to moisturise your dog’s skin as well as helping to fight off further infection.

However, this is not the end of the plan to treat your dog for mange. The fact that your dog has mange means that his immune system has been compromised and this needs to be built up again. This can be done with the aid of a good healthy diet, home cooked if necessary, and the addition of a Zinc PCA supplement. This is required to help build up your dog’s immune system, both on the inside of his body and on the outside as well.

All of the above combined with regular cleaning and spraying of your home and the dog’s bed will serve to keep mange at bay in the future and allow your dog to live a life free of pain and irritation.

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