Tips On Dealing With Dogs While Biking}

Tips On Dealing With Dogs While Biking



Frank J. Glover

One major issue while out biking is that you will at one time or another run into dogs. Sometimes these dogs are friendly while at other times they are not. Find out what you need to know so that you can deal with dogs that you encounter while riding your bike.

First, do your best to just ignore the dog. Many dogs are just curious or looking for some attention. If they do not get this attention, they will move on to someone or something else. At other times dogs are territorial and want to protect what is theirs. If you ignore the dog, the dog will not feel that you are threatening their territory as much. If the dog does come up to you and start being a bit aggressive, use your bike as your protection. Try to keep the dog between you and your front tire. Do not look into the eye of an aggressive animal.Make noise at the dog. Yell things like “back” or “no”. Be firm with your voice and try not to show fear. This many times will cause the animal to back off.Take your water bottle and spray it at the dog. This is not something that most dogs like. If this does not work, act like you have a weapon in your hand showing the dog that it should not be bothering you.Get an anti dog device like a dog whistle. This can make a very uncomfortable sound that the dog will not like and will make it run away.If it is a common problem, talk to the owner of the dog to see if there is anything can be done. The owner might not be aware that the dog is threatening you and making you feel uncomfortable.If you are not sure who to talk to, call animal control to come and take care of the problem.

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Tips On Dealing With Dogs While Biking}